Thursday, April 19, 2012

Roms and Kernels (list version 0.3) (edited 5/1/2012)

Roms for LG thrive
1. CyanogenMod 7 RC 1/CyanogenMod nightlies-requires .35 kernel (can get on
    a. glitch, locking the screen and then trying to unlock it later results in black screen even though screen still responds.
    b. color problem if you don't install .35 kernel
2. GingerCruzt - requires .35 kernel
3. CyanogenMod 9 Kang - requres .35 kernel
    a. camera does not show what you are taking a picture of, but still takes pictures
    b. gallery force closes
4. Oxygen rom -requires .35 kernel
    a. Stock gingerbread, no glitches, no stock wallpapers and live wp's
5. UI-One MIUI ROM, requires .35 kernel to fix color, franco kernel to fix keyboard problem

Kernels for LG thrive
1. .35 kernel stock LG phoenix p505 (recommended)
2. Jobans Kernel .35 (don't know if it works)

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