Monday, April 16, 2012

Android Root, Backup, and custom rom guide

I am not responsible to anything that happens to your phone if you follow this guide, problems should not occur but if...if they not responsible.

Guide can be used to root any android phone and to flash any custom ROM on any android phone, just make sure you download things specifically for your device.

Specifics: I used lg thrive, android 2.2.1 stock froyo rom, .32 kernel

1. Root
Rooting your device is really simple now. You will need: SuperOneClick by Shortfuse, Android SDK.
a. Download the android sdk from
b. Download superoneclick from here: (scroll down to download link)
c. Go to your phone and under applications, find development, turn on usb debugging.
d. Navigate on your PC to C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools find ddms.bat, double click on it. wait a while and let it turn on. (this can be used as a snap shot tool).
e. After you have enabled usb debugging and you have successfully completed step d, plug your phone into your computer and let the ddms.bat recognize your device by typing a couple of lines of script.
f. After all of this, find the file (x represents numbers) that you have downloaded and extract it to a folder (if you can, use winrar program, if you don't have it, get it).
g. Find the superoneclick.exe file and open it, let it find your device, then hit root. let it root for about couple minutes till it says completed (if it asks to install apps, hit yes).
h. there you go, all done!!

2.Backing up ROM (custom recovery, backup/restore) ROM manager app from market. it, and press on "flash clockworkmod recover". find your device (if it asks old or new baseband, it is safer to use older one, but look it up on your favorite webiste: GOOGLE!)
c. after you have chosen your device, it will download an install clockworkmod recovery.
d. TO BACK UP CURRENT ROM (STOCK): (do this after clockwork mod recover has been installed and under the button that say to flash it it should say :current recover: clockworkmod x.x.x.x) press on backup current ROM, and name it stock or something like that.
e it will now turn of your phone and turn it back on and enter a comandpromt looking like thing: (to manually boot up into recover: press home, volume up, and power and hold until it gets there (make sure phone is off)) (to use, volume buttons are up and down, back button is back, and menu is "ok/select")
f.let it type its script and reboot: yey all done, rom backed up, to restore your backup you can use rom manager app, or turn your phone off, and boot into recover using home, volume up and power button being held intill you are there, navigate to backup/restore, restore, and pick the rom you named stock or what ever (the back up backs up apps, wallpapers, passwords, kernel, rom, everthing!! isnt that great)

3.Flashing custom ROM
a. download rom and put it to your sdcard, (if you need a kernel, and google apps "gapps", download those too and put them on sd card)
b.boot into recover, navigate to flash /install zip form sd, find the rom, select it and press yes, then kernel if needed, then google apps "gapps" now at the end of this go to the starting page of cwm recovery, and reboot. your rom should take about 5-15 minutes to load and their you go, all done. if you have a problem, pull out your batter or turn of your phone, reboot into recover using home, volume up, and power buttons being held until there. and then restoring your back up.

hope this helps all of yall

note:if you have an lg thrive of phoenix you will probably need a custom kernel. go to YouTube type in gingerbread on lg thrive or ice cream sandwich on lg thrive and the videos posted by electronichackz work, i tried them my self and they work fine, just don't use jobans kernel, use the one he posts in one of his ics videos specifically for thrive.

video links:
this is for ics, and it has link to ics and gb kernel (.35 kernel)

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