Thursday, April 12, 2012

My root expirience

Well I will admit that my root experience was awful. I had no idea what on earth to do and when I asked no one answered properly and I got so confused. After digging for a couple of days I found a solution that almost bricked my phone called z4root. After digging more I found simple one click by shortfuse. Worked great! Then getting a custom recovery was just as confusing. Old base band and new base band got me confused. Ugh...and then custom ROM's. So many if them and all with their unique procedure. Everyone with an LG thrive or other LG optimusvone series phone... today's ur day. I will be posting a detailed tutorial on how to do this. And possibly in the future, may be a video.

But is it worth this not so much as some tell you. This is hard and stress full work to punch the information out of people to understand what you are to do. For me this was next to a nightmare.

So wait for my tutorial because I did this practically on my own and understand how to do this.

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