Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Android 4.0.3 Fist Impression

My first impression of android 4.0.3 was satisfactory.

Features i liked:
-Widgets in App drawer
-Slide away notifications
-re-size-able widgets

Features i did not like:

UI i liked:
-status bar, app drawer transition, icons

UI i did not like
-Candy like feeling

The thing is, the problem with the ICS UI is that it is to candy like feeling, it looks to 2D, unlike Gingerbread"s (2.3.7) rounded status bar, 3D looking like dock. Its all to static and flat.
When i went back to froyo, i found froyo looking clean and sensible. Gingerbread was simply an improved version of foryo, that is why it is not 3.0, but 2.3, froyo: 2.2.

ICS is very functional, but there is not much new things in it compared to gingerbread, other than the UI. And the UI makes you feel like in a 2D candy themed flash game.

5 stars for the effort
3 stars to the UI
1 star for anything new
5 stars for functionality
Average: 3.5

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