Thursday, April 26, 2012

How to take FULL HD screenshots of your android for FREE

To take full HD snap/screen shots of your android phone screen, you will need to download the android sdk (software developing kit) from here:

After it has been installed, run the android sdk manager program (on windows, go to start button, all programs, and find andriod sdk and turn on sdk manager.

check of the boxes for "tools" (this will show up in a long list with all the android versions and folder icons). and then hit install, if it does not install, exit program and then go to it, right click and run as administrator (if possible). then it should work fine after that, simply repeat the process of the check box.

then after you have them installed/updated, go to the c drive and navigate to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\tools

or in other words, c drive, program files, android, andoroid sdk, tools

find the ddms.bat
double click on it.
this program also acts as a debug tool while rooting or transferring files.

on your phone, go to settings, applications, development, and check off(put a check on it) usb debuging (so you should turn on usb debugging).

plug it into your PC

let the program find your device and type a bit of script.

after it has found your device. (about 2 - 5 seconds wait)

the go to device at the top and press screen capture or press ctrl + s

here is a screenshot so you would know what it is like. (sorry but the bigger your phone screen the bigger the snap shot), mine is 320x480.

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