Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First impression

When I was about 12 I always wanted an iPod, then I iPod touch, and then an iPhone. I loved them and thought everything else was a piece of crap. And really my first phone was not a smartphone and not even touch screen. It's was a simple call only phone but I managed to learn how to make it do almost everything a smartphone does, and I loved it even though I wanted an iPhone. One day my dad's phone broke during work and he needed a new phone quick, so he stopped by radioshack, and bought the lg thrive android phone. he basically had no other choice.  But for him the touch screen and small 3.2 inch screen was to small. So he and I traded phone experience. I loved it, it was so customizable up to each pixel. In 2 days I had my phone looking different, it had a different keyboard, even a custom ROM. I loved that it was so organized, and the Widgets on the screens were awesome. So is it worth to get an android rather than an iPhone, heck yes. If you have an iPhone, don't get rid of it and get any android and then consult me and I can tell you how to make it look and work like anything. So here is my list, android, windows phone, bada OS, iPhone. As you can see, iPhone went from top to bottoms. One of my very good friends has an iPhone 4s and he liked it until he saw me using go launcher ex on my android and he just got jelous. He has so many problems with his iPhone not jailbroken and even my android doesn't have so many rooted(the android term for jailboken, other than the fact that rooting has a positive effect on the phone).

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