Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Apple Addiction

interesting article i found. It is true, people fall for apple without even thinking. It is as if apple products are full of those hypnotic fish...sirens?...that will talk to you and you fall for them although there are not what they say they are. Android is better, people just dont bother to do reasearch....like me...and dont bother to think....Amusement-the action of not thinking....to muse- to think.

We were undaunted.
Over 2 million of us, just HAD to have the coveted device.
So when pre-orders opened on Friday, Apple doubled the previous pre-order sales record set when they released the 4S.
With iPhone 5 pre-sales moving so briskly a week before they’re set to be sold in stores, analysts are predicting that this will be the best selling iPhone of all time.
So let me say this for the record: I don’t get it.
I can’t figure out what has occurred that so many of us simply MUST have the newest of whatever Apple puts out.
No, really.
Apple ‘fanboys’ take lots of abuse for this manic loyalty to Apple devices.
Most of the comments I got from my previous post on the iPhone 5 last week, were from Android users simply hellbent on calling us out for being mindless fanatics.
Hostility aside, they may be on to something.
What is it about Apple that makes us throw caution to the wind?
I often attribute our loyalty to compatibility.
Apple products are so compatible with one another, that there’s no learning curve.
You get a new device, take it out of the box and go.
No referring to a user manual.
No need for a quick-start guide.
Just go.
But is that really it?
Perhaps it’s the allure of greater speed the latest devices offers.
Everything will be quicker.
I’ve gotten used to the speed of things when I’m not on WiFi.
And I’m on AT&T, and we all know how abysmally slow it is.
But each new iPhone holds the promise that things are going to be materially faster, WiFi or not.
Maybe it’s that we simply don’t want to be the odd man out.
Conformity is a mutha!
I remember when I got my first iPhone.
A few months later, they released the 3G, and then the 3GS.
I resisted the urge to purchase either of those devices, standing stalwart against the sweet siren song of a new Apple device.
All the while, I experienced severe iPhone envy.
Each time I pulled out my original 2G, as others fondled their newer, shinier, more feature-filled iOS devices, I was jealous.
When Apple introduced the 4G, I knew I could wait no longer.
I’m no fanboy, I thought.
I let two successive iPhone iterations passed without jumping into the fray.
But I would be denied no longer.
How I coveted my new phone.
Then Apple released the 4S, with Siri.
Eff Siri!
Who needs that know-it-all mouthy digital slut!
But then came the 5.
Any my device envy reared it’s ugly head.
Come to me, my precious…
Are we simply drinking the KoolAid?
Is there no rational explanation for our actions?
I’m just saying, I’m really at a loss.
I’m getting ready to drop two or three bills for a new phone, when there is nothing…absolutely nothing wrong with my current phone.
But it does have a four inch screen…
So what if the screen is bigger!
Why do we act like this?
Could it be that we’re addicted?
My wife is always telling me that I’m always on my ;.
Perhaps she’s on to something.
If you’re iPhone 5 conflicted, like me, holla back.
I can’t be the only one with this dilemma.
Help me understand why I’m so hooked on these damn devices!


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