Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blog Info and more

The most popular posts on this blog really surprised me. They are the following:
1. What is lazy list on my sd card
2. How to play tiny tower offline android
3. Android root, backup and rom flashing guide
4. Is mobage spying on android users
5. LG Optimus one series best roms list

That is a very awkward list because there is not trend, these posts are generally are not about the same thing.

Now based on this i understand people are looking for more technical fixes and explanations of hardware and software. I will try to post more on that topic.

But here is my idea. I would like you, the reader to give me ideas. Please send me ideas, essays, thoughts anything. If you want to see your blog post here please do the following.

Email me at

write the following:
1. Name you want on the blog
2. Post Title
3. Post
4. Anything else

Thanks for your attention and as always...ENJOY!

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