Thursday, March 24, 2016

iPhone SE - Still a phone from 2013

I'll be blunt. The new iPhone SE is a phone from 2013.
Not because its using a dual core processor. Not because of the 640p display (which is adequate for a 4" screen size). Not because of the horrendous bezels. Not because of the dated f2.2 aperture (like come on apple, not even f2.0).

It's because its still only 16gb of storage. Like seriously? That means when I take it out of the box, i will have around 12gb of usable storage if I'm lucky. Then after i put my 4gb of music on it I'm down to 8gb, and after installing numerous apps, probably around 5gb (got this from my nexus 6), I'm down to 3gb of storage. So when iOS 10 comes out later this year, i wont have enough room to download the update.


I'm using a 32gb nexus 6, and im down to 7gb of storage, and that is after recently flashing back to stock and doing a full wipe and reset (because I was trying out android N beta). Last time i used a 16gb phone was back in 2013/2014 with a nexus 5, it was enough back then but even my mom, who picks up her phone once every few days doesn't have enough room to take a video.

Apple, you've done it again!
400$ (sereously 399 is 400 + the 6% USA tax will be 425$) for a phone that is as small as a tictac and has no storage.
Apple, learn from the Sony Z compact line please. Thank you.


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