Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Update 4/21/2015

Hello everyone!
Yes haven't posted a thing in about 2 years, which might seem odd.
College takes up lots of time plus i kind of found that android was a bit stagnant for a while and publishing anything was completely pointless, but now, here's a quick update for 2015!

1) Galaxy S6
The galaxy s6 (and edge) are pretty beast in my opinion. Ive always hated touch wiz, always disliked the cheapness of the galaxy line in general, and i think i actually like the galaxy s6 over the m9! wow right? Ive always been a die hard HTC fan and no offense, the M9 is not little toy either.
Its running a 64 bit octacore exynos chipset from samsung backed by 3 gigabytes of ram, an f/1.9 camera! Insane! And quad HD on a 5.1 inch display, also insane, but i think the quad HD is not needed at all.

2) The M9 didn't surprise anyone, its just another HTC, sense UI looks better and better every time but the M9 is essentially an M8 with upgraded internals and perfected exterior. The camera i hear is total crap though.

3) The LG G4 will be coming out at the beginning of may and im very excited to see what will serve as a basis to the new nexus 5 2015. F1.8 camera, snapdragon 808, quad HD, more ram i assume, etc. Its supposedly covered in leather....LG listen to me, DONT DO IT.

4) Oh yeah, the iphone 6. its a piece of crap. again. dont worry about it.

Prediction on the Nexus 5 2015

If its based of the LG G4 ill have to use some rumors about it:
Snapdragon 808
2 gigabytes of ram
8 or 13 MP f2.0 camera
32/64 gigabytes of storage.
5.2 inch 1080p IPS LCD display
2mp front camera
price:~ 400$ off contract. That's reasonable.

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