Wednesday, December 11, 2013

HTC First - High end or mid range?

Sorry everybody for not posting for such a long time. I have been bogged down with college and things like that, and really there wasn't much exciting going on. But im back and will be posting more often.

So. I got a new phone yes and its the HTC First!

The thing is, HTC and many revierws say its a mid-range device. Now here ill try to prove to you that this is a high end device.

1. Proccessor.
The HTC First contains a Qualcolm snapdragon 400 proccessor capable of 1.7 GHz and is dual core. HTC limited the phone to 1.4 GHz (this is to show that it "isnt" as good as the HTC One x or any popular high end device).
2. GPU
The HTC First has an Adreno 305 proccessor, much more advanced than the one in the HTC One X for example.
3. Resolution.
Although its a 4.3 inch display, it has 341 Pixels per inch (not including sub pixels). Litteraly you cant see the pixels AT ALL. its 720x1080p display with more of a 2:3.5 ratio.
4. Other Features
It has both a front and rear facing camera with a dual LED flash.
Large speaker for 100+ db.
16gb of storage.
1gb of ram.
Running STOCK AOSP android jelly bean 4.1.2
2000mah battery with up to 15 hours of battery with moderate use and wifi on all day.

The true only difference between this and the One X for exampe are
1. Dual core vs Quad Core
2. Great vs Good battery life
3. 4.3 inch vs 4.7 inch screen
4. 341ppi vs ~300ppi
5. Adreno 305 vs lower class gpu (unknown)
6. 5mp camera vs 8mp camera
7. Loud speaker vs beats audio

So basicaly. If you want better battery life, a smaller screen which is still big enough, higher resoulion screen, go for the HTC First.

**Facebook home can be disabled
**There is no Sense UI
**Cyanogenmod ports are in progress since the HTC First has been "discontinued" and will not receive any android updates.

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