Wednesday, July 24, 2013

iPhone Android Windows - who is who

I was sitting down looking around at the latest smartphone news and really i found a great way to compare the various smartphones in the world.
I will be comparing them to teenagers in a school
The school, is the world, and a student in the school, is a smartphone.

Now, the iPhone. These are the popular crowd at school, and some kids will be willing to give up some of their freedoms and rights, just to be here. The iphone, gave up inovation, simply to be at the top, they completely forgot about the latest hardware and software features out there, this is causing them to lag behind, a little. They simply fulfill the minimum amount of homework, and minimum grades to have more time to hang out, gossip, and socialize. The iPhone, has very low end hardware, looks, style, and features, as far as android and windows go. They are still on dual core, which, they dont "NEED" more, they are "OKAY" with that, the screen is 4 inches, yet not proportional, and so on. There is no innovation.

Android, can be compared to the majority of the school, they come in various shapes, sizes, IQ's and abilities. Just like android. This makes the majority of the school/world, more innovative, and more diverse, making it easier to fit in to the crowd, because everyone is excepted.

Windows is way different, these are you might say, those boys and girls who try to have 100% in everything, putting friends and family behind. Windows is desperately trying to get to the top, using precision, and performance, rather than diversity and innovation. And since they are in a minority, it is harder.

This was simply a brain storm. nothing personal.

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