Friday, June 28, 2013

iOS7 copies android, is iOS 7 better than android

Ok. iOS 7 will have a complete UI overhaul. Most of the icons and ui features have been copied from existing android apps and launchers, and some features have been copied DIRECTLY from android.
let me comment on some of the key features of ios7

Key features

  • Complete UI overhaul with adaptive colors and system-wide Back swipe gesture
    • Android has had it
  • New system icons and folders, animated icons available
    • most icons have been stolen from apps like go launcher, and phones like the xiomi mi series and the miezu mx series
  • System-wide parallax effect
  • Dynamic wallpapers
    • live wallpapers...TO LATE APPLE, its been around for freaking ever
  • Control Center with toggles, multimedia controls and shortcuts
    • Um, the new android jelly bean quick toggles pannel?
  • Updated Notification Center with three tabs
    • just like android and miui
  • All apps multitasking with new card interface
    • um, EXACT SAME AS ANDROID, the android multitasking system where it gives you a CARD list of running apps.
  • Updated Safari browser with unified search filed
    • google
  • iTunes radio
    • who cares
  • AirDrop file sharing
    • i tunes yet again, to itunes dependant
  • Inclinometer within the Compass app
    • has been invented since like 2008
  • Camera filters with live preview and new square mode
    • nothing has changed
  • New Photos app with better photo organization, picture editing
    • android invented the whole "edit picture" thing since andorid 4.0, 2 years ago.
  • Weather app with live weather animations
    • google now can beat that
  • Updated Maps with Night mode and Turn-by-Turn walking directions
    • i bet they pay google, to use google maps, just renamed
  • New Siri interface, new supported commands, new voices
    • google voice?
  • Contact Blacklist
    • old
  • FaceTime audio
    • what the heck, who needs that
  • Activation lock
    • old
  • Automatic app update
    • old, android HAS had that since version ZERO
  • Cellular data usage breakdown
    • old
  • Chinese-English, Italian, Korean and Dutch dictionaries
    • android has a dictionary for EVERY LANGUAGE, so does windows
  • iOS in the Car coming in 2014 in selected cars
    • um...the android car app.

Main disadvantages

  • Very iTunes dependent for uploading files and multimedia
  • No open file system means you often have to duplicate files
  • Limited integration of 3rd party social networks and services
  • No widgets
  • Air Drop works only between selected iOS 7 or later running devices
  • No lockscreen shortcuts (besides those in the Control Center)
  • Very basic camera UI with limited features and settings
  • Limited codecs support
  • iTunes radio only works in the US

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