Monday, November 5, 2012

Quick Root, CWM recovery, and flashing guide.

This is a shortened version of all the stupid rooting and flashing guides. Don't worry, if you back up everything you need, then no problems will ever occur, this is the easiest and safest process ever in the world.
do all this on full battery

-download z4root app to your phone, hit root, if that does not work, don't worry, download super one click, from shortfuse webiste. turn on usb debugging and then plug it to your pc, hit root once the program is up.

2. Recovery
download rom manager from app store, once it is open, click flash recovery, pick your phone, and wait. to test it, turn off your phone, hold home, volume up, and power at the same time, as soon as you see the unsusual boot image, let go. volume buttons are up and down, back is back, and menu is ok.

3. download rom from internet, and or kernel if needed.
go onto recovery, (power down etc.) navigate to backup and restore, click backup, and then wait. then go to wipe data, click yes, wipe cache too. Go to advanced, click wipe dalvik cache, and wipe battery stats.

4. go to install zip from sd, go to choose zip from sd, then find your rom, flash it, wait, reboot, wait at least 5 minutes, if the phone is not booting properly, then go to recovery, click backup and restore, hit restore, and wait. if the rom is ok, and you need to flash gapps or kernel, go into recovery and flash gapps, reboot, then kernel.

if anything every goes wrong, just restore your backup. need to back up apps? then get android assistant, go to tools, and backup your apps.

note : rebot after each flash (installation of rom and kernel).


need help, just ask, find me on xda at russian392


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