Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Apple panicking while android waiting.

Most of you have heard about all these court cases of apple vs. samsung and htc. a year ago apple did not care but as you can see, they are starting to fight for survival.
Apple is pahicking and although on the stock market its doing just fine, it can feel the massive pressure not just from Google, but from the whole OHA (open handset alliance).
Googles android and the phones it runs on (offifially or not) continue to flood the global market and they are affordable and easy to get anywhere on the globe.
Apple has started to release its iPhone for all carriers ajd that kept it afloat. If it stuck with AT&T then it would not exist any more.
So as you can see, apple is panicking, sue everyone for anything. But we all forgot about windows phones. They just sit back relax, and watch the to giants kill eafh other then come in and save the world.

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