Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MIUI, The future of android? The best ROM?

I used MIUI (UI-One ROM), and ofcourse it has many problems on my LG Thrive, but as far as im concerned, MIUI amazed me. I was shocked when I used it on other phones such as the Nexus one. Even though it has such an iPhone-ish style to it, it was bloody smooth, I loved every aspect of it, and the thing is, I still thought I was using an Android. It has enough Android features to make it be Android.

LARGE icons, with backgrounds, to make them all square.
Widgets - its like the iPhone with widgets, can you believe that!
Smoth scrolling, and themeable ROM, The rom itself is theme-able.

In other words, go to en.miui.com (this is the English version of the site), and see if your phone can run MIUI, if it can, GET IT NOW!

MIUI's smooth feel, easy to use UI is definatly the future of Android, not Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" as many have started to call it.

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